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LadyKin Hydro White Illumination Cream


LadyKin Hydro White Illumination Cream


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  • A whitening cream to keep clear and transparent radiance skin.


  • Free-paraben, Free-synthetic colors, Free-talc.


  • Whitening Skin Care: Manages the dead skin cell and wastes of dull skin tone effectively by containing Niacinamide ingredient and Lucia 2D complex ingredient and helps to provide transparent and clean skin by supplying abundant moisture and nutrition. Ginseng callus ingredient that is the plant stem cell culture extract helps to provide vital and resilient skin.


  • Maintains Moist Skin Tone: White wine extract provides moisture when it touched to the skin, after rolling it is finished as thin coating feeling and keeps as healthy skin by replenishing abundant moisture and nutrition.


  • Pack Size - 35ml/1.18oz

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