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LadyKin Elmaju MangChee Replenishing Cream


LadyKin Elmaju MangChee Replenishing Cream


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  • Elmaju MangChee Replenishing Cream keeps the skin resilient and young.


  • It also makes the skin bright and beautiful and makes the skin elastic and moisturized.


  • Contains Adenosine and Quark cheese, which provide spectacular lifting effects in all areas of your face.


  • Adenosine, Quark cheese, Camellia sinensis leaf extract are particularly effective for lifting under parts of eyes and firming up the skin around the cheeks.


  • Makes the skin smooth and tightens the pores.


  • It has free-paraben, free-Synthetic pigment, free-benzophenone, free-animal ingredient.


  • The Protein in cheese and Vitamin supplement in cheese and mango extracts keep the skin healthy and prevent hyper-pigmentation.


  • Vitamin E and Camellia sinensis leaf extract promote collagen synthesis in order to restore the firm connective tissue around your face.


  • Pack Size - 50ml

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